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Web design for progressive groups

Right now I'm designing, programming & updating websites for groups, and I apologize that I haven't had time to develop my own site. Maybe someday...

No, the subjects at the top aren't live links — yet. But you are invited to take a look at the links below:

Recent web sites I designed & programmed

These sites are for groups that are worth checking out, in any case. I really enjoy working with them.

red arrowThe UE International web site just got a major redesign and overhaul. It has lots more information on international labor and union solidarity across borders. It not only features an online newsletter on what's happening to workers in Mexico — Mexican Labor News & Analysis — but also a new newsletter — Philippine Labor News & Analysis . Highlights are available as an RSS feed. Mexican Labor News & Analysis Get feed. We're also proud of the new section on Mexico and its unions -- including translations of labor terms and a short history of Mexico.

This was the first site I programmed in php, so they could input the news themselves. In the fall of 2010, working with UE International Director Robin Alexander, I completely redesigned, expanded and re-programmed the site.

red arrowThe Berger-Marks Foundation. The foundation was set up by Newspaper Guild activists (now in the Communications Workers of America) in honor of Edna Berger, the Guild's first woman organizer. She and her lyrical husband, Gerald Marks, bequeathed their wealth to help Berger-Marks support women union organizers. In addition to designing the site, I programmed functions so that grant requests are submitted and managed online. Please check out the news updates! This is the only site where I do the writing as well as the design, programming and organization.

red arrowThe National Lawyers Guild International Committee. The content of this site is also generated by open-source php programming so that lawyers can input regular news, events, photos and other graphics and reports on international rights using the simple, custom forms I designed. I troubleshoot, keep the programming up to date, make sure people understand it, and occasionally add new features on request.

red arrowThe Color of Law: Ernie Goodman, Detroit, and the Struggle for Labor and Civil Rights. This one was a labor of love — literally. It's the site I did for the book my husband, Steve Babson, wrote, along with my long-time co-worker Dave Elsila and neighbor Dave Riddle. Goodman was a lawyer who fought for justice and often won, defending unions, civil rights, victims of the red scare, or prisoners in the Attica uprising.

red arrowPhiladelphia Neighborhood Network. I designed the site and worked with D. André Dhondt to adapt my custom content management system to their needs. I created the structure, and we programmed it so that activists enter the news & other content into forms, and it's automatically formatted on each page. For the last few years they've been using the site with no further involvement from me.

More to come

If you need to contact me, here's how: And visit again every so often. Thanks!